Note to self #edcmooc

Day 1

Email arrived from Coursera this morning, reminding me that the E-Learning and Digital Cultures course begins today.

Predictably, I have forgotten my Coursera password before we have even begun. We are encouraged to keep a blog for the duration of the course and share it with EDC MOOC News. This involves filling out a form on Google Docs which, in turn, requires setting up a new gmail account (I did have one, but guess what… I forgot the password). New gmail account… new portrait photo. Why is it that I have a million pictures of my child, husband, dogs… none of me?

Time for the excruciating selfie. Monday morning… I look tired, so I photoshop the image with the cutout effect and hope those who look upon it think it’s edgy, artistic, and not just a ruse to hide the bags under my eyes.

Note to self: remember not to forget the various accounts I have set up in the interests of this course.


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